Today is the mid voyage point and just before smoko this morning we passed the 2000 nautical mile mark. For the gamblers among us there is a chance in the next few days to get our guesstimates in of

the final actual mileage.

Last night was a dark and stormy night, one good point from it is that after all the rocking and rollin James doesn’t think he will be afraid of flying (turbulence) any more.

Captain Barbara came onto the bridge calling for us to slow down, not that easy in a heavy tallship with 30 knots of wind.

For days now we have put our port and starboard lookouts positioned to spot anything at all, and apart from a bird surfing on a piece of flotsam and jetsam and the occasional red footed booby and a single tropic bird nothing has been seen (and the baby booby that was happily nesting in the furled sails has not been seen since the sails were set).

Peter G is still being consoled on his valiant (unsuccessful) Eggdrop attempt to project Chuck and he will be contacting the international space agency to sell his designs once he returns home. There were gasps from the crowd as Peter’s luminous green t-shirt clad projectile flew through the air, at least our attempt landed on the ship (only 1 of 2 that did).

There are rumours that the banging and clanking around the ship in the night is the ghost of Freddy Mercury turning in his grave at what is going on with the video shoot (keep an eye on the website – more info to follow), nails are still painted red and filming is due to recommence once we reach the Cocos.

We are also pleased to be a full complement on this watch again.

Aft Stbd: Tom, James, Robin, Tony, Peter G, Peter M, Lande, Carol.