Blue cloudy skies greeted us this morning as we continued on our way to the Caribbean at which we are due to arrive in the next six days. We’ve had two days of blowing into the sails (no wind). After breakfast we tempted fate with the wind and decided to set some sails –this lasted half a day! The wind departed leaving us with showers however that has not dampened our spirits.   This afternoon Aft Port watch started by getting very soggy as it pelted down with rain but we soon forgot that with hilarious quizzes which involved a round of renditions of Disney songs, completely out of tune and full of laughter. We also know so much more about Greek Mythology, different types of food mainly chocolate and how to eat it (yummy). It also involved a suspicious game of resistance at which we had to guess who of us were spying on the ship Lord Nelson. This watch also included finally (and after a lot of persuading from the rest of the watch) getting Jonny to have his toe nails painted blue like the rest of us. He is the last of the watch to have his nails painted. He is a nail polish virgin so there is much whooping and laughing. We are seeking volunteers from the permanent crew but so far mate Jon is the only taker. Trust us when we say the men are getting in touch with their female side. We have had lots of fun but are missing the lovely Carol who is below decks taking care of our laundry – Thanks Carol

Love to all our friends and families. xx

Aft Port. Colin, Jane, Jim, Jonny, Carol, Charlie, Cate, Izzy and Charlotte