It’s blowing at a force 5 at the moment and we are doing a consistent 7 knots under sail. We are also entirely lacking in waterproofs!! It is actually sunny at the moment as we cross the Atlantic. NOT something I ever expected when signing up for this trip.

Must be mentioned that it’s not always sunny out here. Our fore-noon watch yesterday had a balmy air temperature of 24 degrees the same as the sea temperature. Unfortunately it was also the wettest watch that Lesley (Bosun) had experienced in some time and we were all forced to face a choice. Leave watch soaked from the rain or from sweating under oilies. The oilies won out on the theory that the wind chill was occasionally enough to make it slightly chillier at times. We did however see a tree, some pilot whales and a bucket during the watch.

The swell made sleeping interesting last night it must be said. For those of us sleeping on the starboard side or inboard port we had the joy of testing our lee cloths and boards for comfort. Truth be told they are not the same as hammocks and personally I could never find quite the right angle.

Reports from today’s fore noon watch of flying fish appear to be greatly exaggerated. There’s nothing to see at the moment except waves, swell and today’s lunch of soup sloshing from the bowl.

Preparations for the egg drop challenge are well underway, with watches safeguarding the best materials they can find and appropriating others where possible. Nobody’s letting anyone in on their ideas. This is not an open forum this is a contest of skill and engineering brilliance (I really hope ours doesn’t break instantly now). This Saturday we shall determine which watch shall meet the judges eggxacting standards as we see who comes out of their shell and who cracks under pressure.

Our illustrious watch leader (Peter) has just jinxed us putting on his suncream and summoning…… The Rain! So before I melt in the rain I leave you with this: Climbing harnesses are uncomfffffoooorrrtttabbbblleee….

Aft port: Peter, Richard, Anne, Kate, Linda, Markus, Chris MT, Pam and sometimes JC.