LN884 27/10/15

Aft Starboard; Stan, Henry, Charlotte, Bryn, Maria and Esme

And we’re off! Set sail from Southampton at 10:30am under motor, Lisbon bound. Esme was inventing nautical terms, a beehive became a ‘snake pit’ and springs/mooring lines became ‘big ropes’.  We completed our seamanship training which consisted of bracing the yards, evacuation drill and different braids of rope.

Charlotte asked if she could have lunch in the dining hall aka lower mess and was she entitled to a tot of rum?

After lunch we went past the Isle of Wight and went through The Needles Channel.

Quiet time on the ship, naps for all.  First Dog watch 4-6pm.  Henry sailed sadly past his homeland and everyone tried helming for the first time.  We travelled on gaily expecting a great adventure.