Greetings from the entire voyage crew of Lord Nelson!

We’re writing to you today from Cabo Finisterre, just off the North West corner of Spain, having negotiated our way through the Bay of Biscay in surprisingly mild conditions, even managing to turn off the engine and actually sail again as we got further south! What jammy B******* we are!

Today, the temperature has reached… (wait for it)… 19 Degrees! And getting seemingly warmer each day, jealous yet?

Anyone who had been suffering from the unfortunate misery of seasickness is now acclimatising, getting their sea legs and feeling much better. We’re quite excited to hear that we will be stepping back onto dry land tomorrow afternoon at Leixoes, near Porto in Portugal.

So far our voyage has been action packed with whales, dolphins, shooting stars and mysterious ‘glowing jellyfish’ (phospherence). We’re all looking forward to seeing much more wildlife as well as getting to the even warmer climates.

Beth enjoys going aloft. She has consequentially grown extremely attached to her harness. We have tried to coax her out of it, but she bites!… More updates on these events later.

So from everyone on board, we hope your all well and look forward to managing direct communication with you when we dock and find free wifi 🙂

P.S, If anyone has seen our Northerly winds, would you kindly inform them they are required to report South. Thank you!

Forward Port Watch:

And Sophie J