Lord Nelson 27/12/15

Today we sailed for the first time in our trip! We were so excited to finally get out to sea after the ship had been repaired; even though a few people felt a bit nervous about sea sickness. After leaving the port we learnt what was involved in both setting and bracing the sails. On the water we all took part in manoeuvring the vessel by tacking and warring.

During the voyage we were joined by some unusual guests…pigeons! Six homing pigeons flew onto the vessel and had a little rest.

Soup was for lunch, the concentration on people’s faces trying to keep the soup balanced at sea was amazing!

When heading back to port the wind died away and we had to power up the engines to finish the last part of the journey. By the time we got back it was time for dinner followed by everyone cleaning and packing for our voyage on a day sail on a different vessel.

Having finished stowing our gear we were given the chance to hand the sails. This involved us climbing the mast and balancing along the yards, we followed detailed instructions from the permanent crew and did a neat harbour stow, well as it was dark we will see how neat it is in the morning! All in all a busy eventful day!

Fwd Starboard Tom, Dave, Andrew, Greg, Patrick, Emily, Courtney, Elisabeth, India & Erin.