After a slightly lumpy motor into the wind, we anchored off St Louis on the island of Marie Galante shortly after lunch. The cruise ship Europa also anchored there and we watched the passengers being ferried to shore in covered launches whilst we lowered the Doti boat and fixed the ladder to the side of the ship before we could also enjoy the pleasures of another French island in the sun. This time most of us were prepared and dressed in our swimming things before being cooled by sea water on our transfer to shore. With little more than time for a drink and a catch up on our emails, it was back to the ship before dark and sundowners on the stern platform. After dinner we entertained our fellow crew mates with an abbreviated performance of Cinderella with Jim starring as Cinderella, Pam as the Fairy Godmother, Carolyn unfairly cast as the ugly sister and Margaret a perfectly charming Prince Charming. Steph set the scene as narrator and the first rehearsal (performance) was very well received. Kurt is demanding a repeat performance so that he can play the part of Cinderella! Peter was happy to lead the audience with their participation in the show. In fact, the performance was probably briefer than this blog and a bit more entertaining.

Later, Darren gave an great impersonation as ‘Del Boy’ Trotter as he opened the market stall in the lower mess and gave us the opportunity to buy plenty of JST merchandise. A further night at anchor and the morning started after breakfast with Happy Hour. The captain has at last learnt that there are more people willing to take part when the ship is not rocking and rolling. In fact, it was an extremely busy morning, because after smoko we sailed off the anchor heading towards Guadeloupe. Having spent an hour setting the fore topsail and course, main topsail and staysails, the captain gave us half an hours break before we had to hand them all again!  Oh the joy of sailing!!! The aim now is to get as far east as we can in order to be able to set sail again and sail overnight the final 60 odd miles to English Harbour, Antigua.

Signing off for now

Forward Port watch, Steph, Peter, Jim, Carolyn, Margaret, Pamela, Kurt.