Day 46

Aft Port Watch

Today we have 5000 NM on the log from Auckland, so 4200 NM from Chatham Islands, and 600 NM to go to Cape Horn. The distance to go is equivalent to crossing Biscay! It has been over four weeks since we last saw land and now it could be four days to see the land of South America.

Yesterday, Monday, was quiet aboard after a very good weekend. We did experience a storm approaching that arrived with horizontal rain and a magnificent full rainbow.

Now we have a SW wind on course to the Cape.

At last we have a name for the small petrels with white bodies and dark underwing which have become frequent companions. They are White-headed Petrels. Another tick on our list. Sea surface water temperature is now 8.3deg C down from 14 off the islands. No thoughts of swimming today! All well with after port watch and love to all family and friends back home.

Stephen, Bob, Vinney, Celia, Colin, Brian, Wendy, John G (mess duty today) and John R.