By evening watch all but 4 sails are tucked away but with a dying breeze we need the engines too. Speed 5.5 knots. 551 nautical miles into our voyage with 350 to go. Distinctly cooler and damp night. Candace had a smooth transition from the helmsman chair to her wheelchair, but was rapidly joined by a tumbling Elaine as she attempted to climb into  the helmsman’s chair on a roll of the ship – first tandem wheelchair ever!

Meanwhile, in the bar there were similar wheelchair antics. Fiona demonstrated Irish dancing and Angie decided she had to have a go. She pirouetted around on one wheel until she began to keel, narrowly missing Derek the cook. She was well, the cook was swell and the ship continued to roll merrily along.

This morning  Dave the bosun taught us eight useful knots and how to avoid tying ourselves in them. Sea turtle spotted briefly from the bridge. Another big beautiful blue one metre dorado fish on Tristan’s line got away but the blue skies were here to stay.

Forward Port Watch: Peter, Candace, Elaine, Stephanie, Tristan and Reenie