Ahoy there bloggers, just a quick update to say we have now anchored outside of Sao Francisco do Sol. It took roughly 2 hours to get from the sea, up the river to our anchorage. Along the way we passed many vessels on which the crew members looked very interested in our ship. We will be here until Wednesday midday our time, and then we will take up our anchor and head of to another destination, unknown as yet!

We are on the ship tonight for food as we need to sort out some paper work with the agent. Once this is completed later on tonight this means we will be able to leave the ship on the small DOTI boat and take shuttle trips to the shore. These will start tomorrow to enable people to go ashore to have a daunder (walk around) and have a chance to engulf ourselves in local cuisine.

The weather is very sunny sitting up here on the bridge and is almost unbearably hot or maybe that’s just because I’m from Scotland and still unsure of what the sun actually is, but anyway, I bid you a farewell until another day and have a lovely evening back home.

Bon voyage,
Jordan Horne.