The day started with cloud and rain, but brightened at smoko with the celebration of Eli’s 21st and a splendid cake for the occasion. Everybody having got wet sail setting beforehand seemed to make it all the better. The rain has stopped, but there is still heavy cloud and at last it feels as if the wind may be picking up a bit. We are under sail again with the engine off and making a bit over 9 knots at the time of writing. We will all welcome escape from the doldrums with their fickle winds and incessant swell. This morning when we were all having breakfast, the watch at the time spotted a pod of dolphins, when we heard about the sighting most of us didn’t mind since we did see a couple yesterday. However Iddy got a great video of the pod which included around 100 dolphins. We are all sick and tired of this cloud cover at the moment and the sight of a ship or a bird wouldn’t go a miss, nope just seen a bird.

The crew on board taking part in Youth Leadership at Sea; Johnny, Beth, Amelia, Izzy, Aoife, Olly and myself; Chris, have been starting to learn about what it is like to have the same sort of disabilities as those on the ship. I tried out the wheel chair yesterday, however I forgot to put his breaks on in rough weather. Aoife on the other hand is spending today blind. The other disability that they we are going to simulate to wear ear plugs and ear defenders.

Margaret would like to say hello to Rodger, and we all want to say hi to our families as the email system here on the ship is a bit slow.

Foreward Starboard: Amelia, Beth, Brian, Chris, James, JC, Jim, Jude and Margaret