Tales from the middle of the pond.

Those aboard Lord Nelson are not at all bored! Ha ha. and it’s Nellie to those who sail her. Now nine days from land and daily life of the ship at sea has definitely set in. The 0730 wake up calls have become increasingly adventurous from initial crude wakey, wakeys to short radio shows with announcements and piped music. People appear to be finding time out from the busy 0400 – 0800 dawn watch to improve on a daily basis!

Today was initially exciting as breakfast was chased around the mess rooms.
Crashes from the upper mess awoke those for whom the dawn chorus had failed.
The amazing spread of porridge, cereals and full English was being served despite Nellie rolling around like a pregnant walrus wandering on the Antarctic (Lost? – Ed.) with a gentle twenty degree roll to either side every few seconds. Galley slaves (officially known as mess men and women) ensured most of this food was received by those for whom it was intended.
Only the most minor of delays was felt by those breakfasting as the fridge door chose 0810 to leave its hinges behind and make a bid for freedom across the upper mess.

0900 brought happy hour. This is not an excuse to crack out deckchairs and buy two for one cocktails but an essential time for everyone to clean everything. Particularly important for the avoidance of the galloping heeby-jeebies, Delhi belly, Horatio’s Horrors, Scurvy and other heinous seaborne diseases that may endanger our little community. Fortunately, our duo doctors on board are more than a match for any dastardly disease that may attempt to besiege us.

Following the hour of happiness smoko was called which is essentially to ensure that no one is left hungry between the sumptuous breakfast, constant snacking, massive lunch and suppers. Today was no exception with fresh chocolate cake.

On watch 1230-1600 and democracy (what?! – Ed., spluttering) has nearly broken out amongst what is normally a strictly regimented system of watch leaders. Even watch leaders must be galley slaves from time to time with the result that an autonomous republic something akin to socialism broke out on the bridge this afternoon. The watch shared out the work equally and the most splendid achievement being to perform a sun dance. Rain threatened yet by donning all their waterproofs in preparation this ensured the sun shone through all afternoon and much more time was spent rambling on the blog. We also tried a whale dance, however this is tricky and even seasoned mariners struggle. We fear our hips did lie and we were rewarded for our efforts with flying fish. Not what we were aiming for but spectacular nonetheless.

1230-1600 time wound on and some was spared for the watch oracle also known as Lou. As the second oldest member of the watch we allowed him time to reflect on his voyage thus far:
“On that PR Expedition to London? Then why not come aboard the “Lord Nelson”, the JST’s favourite floating asylum, the safest ship on earth, and even more exciting at sea.
Feel the power of the ex-Luftwaffe experimental diesel aircraft engines, so quiet all you can hear is the ticking of the metal fatigue (Chiefie now crying into his soup bowl – Ed.) No expense spared on luxury, not a penny!
All travel by the Grimm Brothers, return tickets sometimes available.
You’ll never forget the experience, no matter how hard you try!!!!
Good day today, only six lashes.”

Fwd Stbd watch: Bill (W/L, duty Galley slave), Blond Doctor Tom, James the Whale Charmer, Oracle Lou, Sarah, Debs, Norman, Cato (Not a Doctor), Rob.