Friday 28th November

After an enjoyable and relaxing couple of evenings ashore in Cape Verde we were awoken with our chirpy but typical MP morning call!!!

After breakfast, those who wanted to climb assisted could do so. Many of the crew that had already climbed previously in the voyage, offered up their help to ready the sails and call words of encouragement to the new climbers.

Shortly after this, we hauled the gangway back on board and threw off our mooring lines to sail back out to open water.

Laughter sounded throughout the ship as we set more sails to the chant of..

“BANOFFEE!- PIE!” and “PIZZA! – CHIPS!” in the hope of being subtle and telling Dave (the cook) what we would like for pudding…

With 2112NM to go things are looking bright with people out on deck in varying stages of relaxation – some reading, others slowly falling asleep while the rest have in-depth conversations about what foods they are craving the most…

Shout out to Sue Page!

Until next time folks!

Aft Starboard- George, Jay, Georgia, Phil, Jo, Luke and Beth! 🙂