Day 14

Yesterday afternoon personal GPS’ were being monitored for the magic 180*, Halfway round the world. Although in fact we had to wait until 21.00 or thereabouts for the actual moment.

As we came on watch at 8pm, the Master ordered the square sails furled and the motor on, this seems to be almost the daily routine. The evening was clear and the sky well adorned. Orion passed overhead as did the Southern Cross. Towards the end of the period the cloud seemed to be increasing.

Now we are the afternoon watch. So far an (unconfirmed) whale siting, along with several species of albatross intent on following us.

The first meeting of the Lord Nelson Afternoon Knotting Society is meeting on the aft deck to practice their skills with the Bosun’s Bag ‘O Worms.


Celia and John getting knotted!

All’s well.

Port Aft Watch.