We have arrived at the English Harbour after a memorable night’s sailing under the stars. Whilst on night watch Richard explained to us the navigation by stars but we did not see the shooting stars like the later watch.

Coming into the English Harbour in Antigua before breakfast on a beautiful sunny morning the wake up call was ‘All Hands on Deck, all hands on deck’. The sails needed to be brought in as the entrance to the Harbour was narrow and twisty but very scenic and lined by super and other yachts, hence under engine.

I was on line’s people duty and went ashore in the dotty watching Nellie coming into the Harbour, with Don on the wheel, Pamela as a recorder and officers on the bridge.

Whilst ashore we met the Harbour master and watched the neighbouring yachts putting their fenders out whilst we moored. Back on the ship all hands were on deck, heaving mooring lines, coiling and tidying all ropes, watched by many interested onlookers.

Once moored the line’s people returned to the ship for late breakfast and smoko. Following this we started tidying the sails. I was on the yard arms, harbour stowing the sails and taking in the views of the beautifully restored and stunning Nelson’s Dockyard. What a fantastic last night’s sail and arrival back in Antigua.

Sabine and Don, Stephen and Jonathan (Forward Starboard Watch)