Day 11

After having favourable winds, we managed to sail almost the full journey from Punta del Este to our current anchorage here in Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil. Yesterday at approx. 15.00 local time we dropped our anchor surrounded by tropical rain forest and colourful sea side towns with the occasional dolphin jumping in the distance, a truly delightful sight. The sun is screaming down at present with the need for lots of hats, sunglasses and of course the wonderful stuff that is, sunblock, factor 50 please!

Once anchor was dropped yesterday, we all had a leisurely coffee by the main mast whilst Captain Chris dealt with the officials that boarded the ship. It transpires that the local mayor has welcomed us to his town by supplying two buses for local tours free of charge, happy days! The evening was spent on the ship with a full bar and of course many stories to laugh about.

This morning the second mate, Marcin and I brought the crew ashore after breakfast, by DOTI boat, I even got to do some driving. It brought back memories of the Caribbean with Bill Gibbs as my bowman, what fun! At present all voyage crew are ashore with half of the permanent crew. The rest of the PC are on-board working hard, whilst waiting for our turn to go ashore and explore. The Captain has just informed me that the Mayor is coming aboard at 16.00, he will be in awe when he sees our classy ship!

That’s all from us for now, best regards to all

Ronan Ging