LN895 29/04/2016

The pilot came on board at about 9.30 and we cast off before entering the lock again. By 1045 we were bumping through a choppy sea, just right (ha ha) for a long Happy Hour. We then reverted to British Summer Time, though without the summer. Our watch from 1230 to 1600 was thoroughly cold and wet. We hoisted jib and set sails and then handed jib and staysails, as we motored North heading for the Channel Islands. As we came off watch the rain stopped, the wind moderated from force 5/6 and we set many sails. Captain Richard is trying hard to give us a good sailing experience, despite the wind persisting in blowing from the wrong direction.

Aft Starboard Watch

David, Clare, Zoe, Mike, Charlie, Matt, John, Michael