LN896 29/05/2016 Hello from Aft Starboard. We left our berth next to Tower Bridge last night, what a great place to join the ship with great views of London. Heading down the Thames many keen adventures went aloft with everyone going out on the Yards, it was cold but we saw the Thames from a totally unique perspective. Due to strong weather we have had to change our plans. Instead of sailing to Greenock via the North Sea, we are now on our way down the English channel to sail up the Irish Sea. Hoping to anchor off the Scilly Isles then heading up to Dublin. If the weather is good to us we should be there by the weekend. So look out for further blogs to follow if you want to see us sail into Dublin. Overall it’s been a comfortable sail so far with everyone enjoying themselves and getting used to the ship. We are on watch in the sunshine with a good bit of wind allowing us to have 3 square and 3 staysails out. We have just past Folkestone and the wind is in the perfect place to put out more sails. Bye for now, from W/L Iain, Mike, Jean, Ben, Dee, Alison, Gareth, Charlotte and Ryan (Cadet).