The morning after the night before…Eli’s impromptu foredeck birthday party was well received by all under another magical starlit sky, coupled with the Nellie choir singing Steve’s old time sing-along favourites and dance moves. The deck was lit by led fairy lights torches and glow sticks which battled in a gale force 6 winds. Unfortunately the party had to close early due to an early start for the arrival in the Cocos islands.

We awoke to see our first signs of external life in the form of a red light we believe belongs to the airstrip followed by the local federal police and immigration which boarded Nellie about half nine to complete the usual necessities and formalities. We are anchored up in shark infested waters as Paul the cadet has found to his cost; having cast a line and successfully catching one of the beast’s it decided to take a bite of his hand. Thankfully it didn’t like the taste of Geordie blood and was safely released back into the sea.

As the majority on board enjoy a relaxing afternoon, cookie Dave and Margaret had their own personal police escort ashore to stock up on vital provisions, while Eli and Alli the 2 ships monkeys went aloft with Captain Barbara and Bosun Oli to repair and work on the sails.

Love to everybody reading this around the world from us all in this beautiful atoll in the middle of the Indian Ocean with turquoise waters, coral reefs, and swaying palm trees.