We are still enthralled by the sight of 80 or so dolphins gracefully crossing our path, jumping and corkscrewing in the driving rain while the rest of the crew were having their breakfast sheltered below. Our resident Mancunian, Oli, felt very much at home during yesterday’s torrential downpour. Yesterday evening, the rain held off long enough for us to have sundowners on the bridge to celebrate Eli’s 21st birthday, but it was very rock and rolly, and some of the dinner ended up flying across the galley. Last night, major excitement when a USO (unidentified sailing object) appeared on the horizon, lit up like a Christmas tree, with a Ferris wheel in the middle. It turned out to be a 200 meter by 100 meter drilling platform headed to Curacao and it past us 5 miles to port. This was the first ship we had seen in days. This morning dawned with clearer skies, hot and steamy. After Happy Hour, being Sunday, we had a short service on the foredeck led by Captain Barbara. At the moment, we are making 6.2 knots and have sailed 1530 miles so far, with a further 700 or so to go to the Grenadines. The Leadership at Sea crew are doing their disability awareness and can be seen around the ship in wheelchairs and blindfolds. All is well with Nellie’s world.

Forward Port watch: Jim, Doc John, Iddy, Oli, Kevin, Naomi, Carol, Val.