29/07/15 LN875

Events following the crossing of start line:

The hours after the ships crossed the starting line, and the race began, it became clear that there are many roads to Rome, and just as many opinions on which one is the fastest. Some ships turned southwest for the next checkpoint straight away after the start line. This lead to more wind in their sails but also increased the chance of missing the checkpoint. The grand Russian ship Kruzenshtern did just that and thus sealed its destiny, and retired from the race the following afternoon. Other ships, including the great Lord Nelson, continued further west (with a pinch of south) in hope of catching better winds and a kiss of fortune. We don’t know if it is due to clumsy dance moves or lack of dental hygiene, but the kiss of fortune never materialised. We have thus been sailing between 2 and 4 knots through the night and morning. Today started well, and we have even had time to fish during forenoon, leaving a bucket of mackerel for the mess to cook for lunch. Victoria sponge was a well-deserved treat for all during smoko; this was a particular treat as we all had the good fortune to be a part of one our officers, Lesley, Birthday celebrations. Major events took place at 10.30 today, as the crew has had its first Happy hour since boarding in Kristiansand (Happy hour the time where the all souls on board unite with high spirits and clean the ship from keel to deck). Wind has increased a bit during the day, and thus our speed.  Through the day we have had time to play with the spanker, which is mainly a joy shared by the crew on the helm. Maybe we should introduce the term spanker party?

As of current event (29/07 14.30 central European time) we are head to head with the Equadorian ship Guayas, which lies to starboard and has been catching up on us the last few hours. But with the brains of the officers, muscles of the crew, and a steady helmsman we make sure we have the pointiest bowsprit. Furthermore we are tailing and slowly catching up with the German ship Alexander Von Humboldt, with its characteristic green sails. The sun has shown itself, and so has many ships in horizon.

Patrick Larsen & Fwd. St’bd watch