Day 3

Hello from Forward Starboard watch

We’re currently sailing across the Bay of Plenty, with a nice steady breeze and nearly full sails. Land disappeared between 10 and 11am although we know it is to starboard somewhere! Yesterday evening we saw whales spouting off Great Barrier Island on our way past. We’re currently being tailed by a Petrel (we think) so not all alone. Hope to see White Island later this afternoon, possibly with a spouting volcano.

Everyone is getting used to the routines on board and finger crossed there hasn’t been much in the way of seasickness. Lines are slowly being learnt, with the older hands passing on tips and words of wisdom, such as ‘when ashore don’t drink with the engineers!’

Tom is now head Bosun’s Mate, with two keen and eager young women shadowing his every move. He has been gently inducting into the BM way of the Nellie world, with galley cleaning passing the Captain’s inspection with flying colours.

The voyage crew experienced their first happy hour today, with heads scrubbed and floors mopped.

With no birthdays on this trip, we’ve had to find another excuse for cake… the Halloween extravaganza is being well planned already.

‘Til next time

Tim, Seb, Jen, Sophie, Christine, Ann and Kevin.