Reporting at 2am with a rolling sea under a waxing moon. The watch team consists of the salty cadet Ryan, a seasoned transatlantic sailor Rosy, a  stewardess Olivia, Larry or McMess, Old Geezer Clive, Debs operating under the alias 2 6 Heave and our fearless leader Jane. We are on course from Antigua to Virgin Gorda on a course of 305 travelling at 5.2 knots.

Having left Antigua being chased down my several sailing yachts including Elfia and Rebecca who were on sea trials preparing for the weekend’s Antiguan Bucket (a regatta not a bucket of rum)… the seas since have been busy with cruise ships and a wayward catamaran who came near us tonight! Current pirate sightings – zero. Rain fall – zero (YES!), two flying fish, possibly one white whale. As news comes in of snow and cold back home in the UK, we are sailing in current temperatures of 28 degrees c and clear skies… not bad for 1.45 am!