Blog Day 20

Shark attack day! So far we have had an eventful day. It started off with a lovely cooked breakfast, Yum Yum. Its a warm 20 degrees C with some sea mist and high humidity. The fishing lines weren’t out for long as a mysterious sea creature (some crew members claimed to have seen a shark!) ate the bait and took 2 sets of fishing lines with it. Shortly afterwards a sea lion was spotted 50 metres aft of the boat.  Lunchtime brought smiles to everyones faces, apart from the vegetarians on board, as we were served ham, egg and chips with a few slices of buttered bread. Chip butties were to be seen all round. Young Tom ate his own weight in food… Again! After morning smoko there was a Sunday service on deck. All of Colin’s flapjack was devoured quite rapidly, keep them coming Colin! After two and a half days motorsailing and with the wind now in our favor, we set the sails and started to head west for Piriapolis in Uruguay. Should all go to plan we should be arriving in port at some point later tomorrow.