The routine continues, eat, sleep, watch, repeat. We’ve been at sea and out of sight of land for 10 days now and Union Island is under 3 days away. The ship’s company is looking forward to some shore time. We are also wondering if there will be Wi-Fi and phone signal there. The murder game started at 0900 today, suspicions abound and some have already met their doom (Karen with a wellie while steering by Derek the chef) The Leadership at Sea team have been getting to grips with what it’s like to be in a wheelchair or not to be able to see. Not easy on a rolling Nellie. So far they’ve found that being blindfolded is quite a strange and isolating experience, and is very difficult when trying to stay upright on the ship.

Today our watch all took sextant sun sights at local noon and with Captain Barbara’s guidance calculated our latitude to be 09N 14.4 – only one mile out according to the satnav. Oh and excitement! We have spotted a ship on the horizon – a rare sighting. Derek wishes Giles a happy birthday for the 3rd. That’s all folks.

Aft Starboard. Mel, Derek, Susan, Karen, Eli, Aoife, Frank, Mike, Anke.