30/07/15 LN874 Day 4

We are currently in a centre of low pressure with pretty much no wind. Last night was nice and quiet, with beautiful stars and a full moon; however there was not much wind. In fact, at one point around 11pm, we were becalmed and started to drift backwards! Not ideal when you are racing, however all other vessels around us were doing the same thing! To be honest, we were just glad it wasn’t raining.


This morning was filled up with bracing, and tweaking of the braces to make us go faster. We were still surrounded by lots of ships, and we were only overtaken by the Polish tall ship, Pogoria. We didn’t open fire; however it seemed like a good idea!


The class A race finished today at 1400 hours, with Rob Helming at 3.5 knots which we felt was a good finish in these winds. We are currently bobbing along at 2 knots, enjoying the beautiful sunshine with not a rain cloud in sight! We are eagerly awaiting the news of our position in the race, and hoping we have managed to climb a few places in the past 12 hours!


Katie, Bastian, Charlie, Jeff, Georgie, Marion, Gilly & Rob (Forward Port)