LN904 – 30/08/2016 – Day 3, Tuesday. 4pm.

We had a talk on sail setting today from 1st Mate, Lesley. She had just finished when we were called to trim the sails as the wind slowly veers round. A gorgeous dinner of lamb casserole followed by banoffee pie was enjoyed thanks to “cookie” Ian. Next we noticed 2nd Mate, Rory, bringing an extension lead and a stool on deck. He was soon followed by the Captain with hair clippers. 10 minutes later and Rory’s “crowning glory” of golden curls was gone.

We then had an early night as we’re up for the 00:00 – 04:00 watch. It was a beautiful clear night with lots of “shooting stars” and oil rigs lit-up all around. After breakfast there was another talk – again from Lesley – this time on ship’s lights and shapes. At smoko we sang “Happy Birthday” to watch-leader Mary, and then ate her cake after the candles had conveniently extinguished themselves in the fresh breeze.

The wind has veered further to the SW so we’ve handed the Spanker and “goose winged” the Main Course.

An eventful 24hrs with excellent sailing saw us well ahead of schedule with our finish time estimated at 18:00 tomorrow, Thursday.