LN904 30/08/2016 – Tally Ho! According to Captain Chris, “We are somewhere in the North Sea.” This said during morning meeting as he held up a chart with no recognisable land-marks on it…….just the sea. However, we know he knows’, that we know he knows exactly where that “somewhere” is.

We are trying to catch Thalassa, who we can see a few miles off. At present we are seventh in our class, but there’s still a ways to go.

A few casualties to the “mal de mer” after the first night at sea but everyone ate well at breakfast – thanks to today’s “mess team.” It’s a beautiful day, sunny, with a south-westerly wind and currently sailing along at 5 knots. Being kept busy changing sail positions in between eating, sunbathing, aerobic and yoga classes.

Forward Port on watch duty – Graham, Katy, Nerina, Anna, Dan, Sheila and Linda.