LN882 30/09/15

Howdy folks! In true sailing fashion we’re now on plan D, fast approaching plan Z.  A quote from Higgsy “we are adapting to a changing situation”.  We are a bit short-handed so have been divided into three watches, not four:  Red, White and Blue.  This means a bit less rest/sleep/ drinking time but we know we can rise to the challenge.

Goodbye to the thought of Cherbourg, it would have been nice, but the port closed our berth due to strong north easterly winds.  So no moules frites this time, and possibly Darmouth instead – but watch this space for plan E.

Apparently, it would have been Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson’s birthday today and he shares it with Jot, who enjoyed a rousing version of Happy Birthday sung by the Nellie Ensemble.

We had a joint briefing from Tenacious (“The Enemy”) and managed to leave our berth beside her without taking any of her rigging with us. Then down Southampton Water together, and out to the forts.  The Race was postponed due to strong winds and very strong spring tides (and a vast container vessel crossing the start line at the critical moment).  1 ½ hours later canons were fired from the Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes and we were off, Tenacious in front.  Our small but select crew learned the ropes extraordinarily quickly under expert tuition, and we surged down the Solent towards Hurst Castle, Tenacious still in front but not too far.

Level with Yarmouth we were startled by the unmistakeable sound and sight of a Spitfire flying very low overhead, which spurred us on. We came through the Needles Channel and finally crossed the finish line – Tenacious was still ahead, but had we beaten her on handicap?  We really earned our supper by handing sails in a short space of time, Dave provided a scrumptious shepherd’s pie, and our evening was made by learning that we had won the race on handicap!  We have beaten Tenacious again! (always remembering that there’s another race tomorrow).

Thank you Captain Darren.

By: the White watch: Sally, Ken, Jot, Rob, Jason and Diana.