LN884 30/10/15

Aft Starboard: Esme, Henry, Maria, Bryn, Stan, Charlotte A talk was arranged for Anna, from the charity ORCA to identify the whales and dolphins we may see on our journey. Along with all the crew a small pod of common dolphins decided to join in and appeared  right on time which was absolutely fabulous!

The galley, unfortunately, has gone to the dogs with Stan leading the mess team for the day. Fortunately it is only for a day so we should see a vast improvement in the service by tomorrow.

Our watch was a rather pleasant 8-12 watch, however the weather was not so obliging, leaving us to begin the countdown to the end of our watch! It started off a little blustery but increased to rain and wind which intensified during the watch.

We had quite an eventful evening with a cargo ship which had plans of passing our bows rather too close for comfort. Jo the officer of the watch called them on the radio and politely requested they change course by a couple of degrees to pass us astern, which they kindly did, as Bryn, at the helm at the time, was none too keen to steer us safely away! Panic avoided! Thanks Jo!

As the night progessed and we got progressively wetter and the decks slippier poor old Esme had a little mishap which resulted in an attempted effort at the splits while hanging onto the wire! Henry, rather than rapidly assist her to her feet simply sat laughing at her antics, and once we were assured she was unharmed, joined in!

Needless to say by the end of it we couldn’t wait to get into our bunks and get some well deserved rest.