After a slow start from Cape Verde (Africa seemed to take forever to disappear, and the GPS predicted that we would make landfall in Antigua sometime around the middle of March next year….yes, really) we are finally making good speed towards the Caribbean and talk of having sufficient time to enjoy a few Pina Coladas on arrival has resumed.

As is traditional on a Sunday, we had NO Happy Hour today,and a Church Service where we sang Amazing Grace twice for emphasis. We have seen so far, two schools of dolphins, lots of flying fish, the odd shark, and stormy petrel.

We are currently listening to the theme tune of “The Pirates of the Caribbean ” while on Watch, and making sure that we have plenty of Factor 12 close at hand.

As a final note, the GPS now says that we’ll be alongside on a date BEFORE we are all due to fly back to UK… that’s better!

Aft Port: Loius, Claire, Jim, Ruper, Lali, Peter & Sam