Day 3     3rd Dec 2018

Having joined a little travel weary the crew of Nellie soon settled into a seemless routine getting to know the in and outs of ship life, young and old again once mix and swap stories. For some of the crew coming from Canada just getting to learn the accents is comical enough. Fred the fish is fast living up to his name now providing the Cook with a steady supply of fresh Tuna. As we head on to Madeira the weather has turned calm and sunny, for this that stayed on from the previous voyage this was a vast difference from what the Infamous Bay of Biscay gave us!!!.

Day 4      4th Dec 2018

Spirits are still high, the BM’s continue to inspire people to make the most of climbing whilst the sun and seas stay good. Johannes out 3rd mate has decided yesterday that during the voyage at some point he is to shave his beard to raise money for the trust. So in that we have written the following:

“Gone with the wind”

Today our ship will sail

Without a redbeard on board,

An offering to the wind god

To push our journey forward,

Our third mate’s face will pale

And he will feel, just odd,

When he gives his chin a little brush,

The naked face is the price he’s paid,

For a lift in breeze, to Madeira please,

Give Lord Nelson a final push.

Aft Starboard Watch – Steve (the boss), Alan, Judy, James, Ami, Sean, Mike, Gurdev (the poet)

Day 5      5th Dec 2018

What a day. To be on watch and see the spectacle sight of whales and later dolphins swimming alongside us. The sunrise was welcoming us to a new day. Awesome food and crew. Calm seas and down time. we ended our day on watch. The beginning of a new day and Happy Hour to get us into shape. Sails set and now also motoring along to Madeira. Beautiful weather and amazing crew.

Fwd Stbd Watch

Day 9    8th Dec 2018

Is it Sunday? At least it’s sunny.

Following a good 2 night stop in Madeira and giving the crew the chance to see the sights in what was recorded as the hottest weather in December in 150 years!!!! We now find ourselves back at sea and on the final stretch of this voyage counting down the last 300NM to the Canary Islands.

Wind decreasing but we’re spanking along nicely we have all sail set to make best possible course to windward. Aft Port watch have managed to backwind the sails 3 times, lost the wheelchair cushion during shore leave and spilt Bombay mix all over the deck. All the seasick people have now recovered. Off to hand sail.