News from around Lord Nelson. Yesterday evening Jess caught her first fish.

After days and days of fruitless labour she has finally been rewarded by catching a Dorado. It was a very impressive fish. It was quite big and a pretty colour. What else is there to say about a fish?

Last night we unfortunately entered an area of high pressure. This meant that all square sails had to be handed and engines switched on. There is some wind but it is doing a lot of moving around and changing direction frequently.

For on watch entertainment last night we were treated to a natural light show over the Atlantic. For starters we had a brilliant and dramatic red sunset indicating a front of low pressure had passed followed by the rising of a crescent moon made hazy by the humidity.

The clear sky made seeing the stars easy and constellations such as Cassiopia, Orion and the Plough were clearly visible. Combined with the odd shooting star and the reflection of the milky way on the water made the night scene rather attractive.

The main event though for the night was the lightning. Thankfully high up and some distance from us it was still impressive as it lit the sky frequently for most of the night.

The weather today has been glorious. After breakfast Sunday service was held on the foredeck in place of happy hour allowing everyone to enjoy the sunshine. We have been treated to sightings of dolphins up close, whales in the distance some random rubbish floating by and again more dolphins.

Aft port – Richard, Peter, Kate, Anne, Linda, Chris MT, Markus, Pam and JC (who is currently busy being Purser)