LN884 31/10/2015

Aft Port

Day 6 – well after a pretty windy night with sideways rain and gusts of up to 45 knots, the weary crew of Lord Nelson rose to a much calmer sea! After breakfast the captain happily announced that the wind was finally in the right direction and with enough speed to set some sails!!! So it was all hands on deck to set all the square sails and switch the engines off! After lunch we sailed along at around 4 knots and the sun came out so we all enjoyed a beautiful peaceful watch on deck basking in the sunshine. There hasn’t been much in the way of dolphin or whale sightings today, much to Annas’ disappointment, however we remain hopeful for some sightings before we reach Spain. However she is happy to have seen some phosphorescence glow in the dark jellyfish on last nights’ 20:00 to midnight watch.