LN884 31/10/15

Aft Starboard

0400 – 0800
We had trimmed all the sails back in on the afternoon watch due to a rolling cloud front that actually sent the ship backwards whilst facing forwards. So we continue now under motor power hoping that the morning will bring back the winds that we need for optimum sailing.

0400 – 0800
Well we can all say a beautifully clear night, with Venus, Mars and Jupiter casting there bright beams on the ocean.   We are on a heading of 190 degrees on an ocean that  is calm.  The rock and roll of the seas on the previous week has subsided. Richard has provided information on the star systems that we can see quite clearly such as Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Casseopia, Draco and the easily recognisable Orion over the main mast.

We are over half way through the Bay of Biscay, Bryn is our temporary watch leader as Esme is on Mess duty. All is quiet, all is well, even Maria has stopped christening the ocean. We can only hope to see more marine life in the morning