Happy Halloween from all aboard Lord Nelson!

The sun has been shining again today as we’ve motored ever closer to the Canaries (those mythical northerly winds have yet to appear, though we’re hopeful to get a sighting in the next few days!).

The crew had a lovely day and evening in Portugal’s Leixoes and Porto, making the long trek from our berth into Porto and to the famous Port houses, where many a glass was sampled (it is customary when experiencing foreign cultures to taste/guzzle their trademark beverages – or so I’m told!). The weather was beautiful for our stay and a lovely time was had by all.

Our departure was delayed yesterday due to engine troubles, (those who had developed a liking to the port had a distinct gleam in their eyes…) but fortunately, our superhero engineers worked their magic and made it safe for us to be on our way.

An interesting development today is the number of murders currently occurring on board……..From 12:50 this afternoon, people began dropping like flies in the most peculiar circumstances; for example, the second mate was  killed in the chart room with a sewing machine… the Bosun was killed by cross-stitch at the foremast..

And that’s just the beginning! It is becoming apparent that this game is turning everyone into paranoid wrecks with everyone on their guard and no-one trusting anyone. Certainly a topical game for All Hallows Eve!

With love from all of us on board, and a young lady who should get back to her Galley Duty!! Stay tuned…