Day 18 – Nelliesday the 32nd December 2013

No we haven’t all been at sea too long (at least yet)…

Yesterday was Tuesday the 31st December 2013, and after crossing the date line last yesterday, tomorrow is Wednesday 1st January 2014. So today is a day just for Nellie – Nelliesday – and what comes after 31st? But it does mean that we get to be the first to say good bye to the old year and the last to enter 2014! Liz is concerned if anyone gives birth today the baby may never be able to celebrate their birthday again. No takers at the time of writing.

We have had an exciting 24 hours. Yesterday, after a calm morning, the wind picked up and gave us a preview of what is to come. When the wind started gusting to 50 knots, Captain Chris called all hands on deck, adding “and wear your foul weather gear, it’s pretty nasty out here.” We took in all but the forward topsail and the inner jib, while riding a fabulous swell in horizontal rain.


A taste of the southern ocean seas to come

Steve’s talk in the morning about setting sails was perfectly timed to explain what we were doing. After two weeks together the team work really showed.


JR ringing the old year out

The storm passed, and at midnight JR, our senior sailor, rang 8-bells to ring out 2013. But since we are passing the International Date Line we won’t ring in the New Year until tonight—so we are enjoying December 32nd!