LN894 29/03/2016

The Opera – for one night only…

Act One

Mike introduced the show with a bit of stand up.

First up – Allan & Tim  – Allan gave us a quick lesson in speaking “Northern” before singing a song about life on ship accompanied by Tim on guitar and Roman who held up the words for the chorus to sing.

Second up – An Ode to Lord Nelson written and read by Andrew.

Third in tonights line up – Mike and David for some “serious drama”.  A very good performance looking at how Nelson would have got on in today’s politically correct society, which made us all laugh.  In the skit, he couldn’t send people up to the crow’s nest because of health and safety, or fight the French or Spanish because of the EU, or issue rum rations because of government policy on reducing alcohol consumption, or smoke tobacco because all naval ships had been designated as non-smoking areas…

Fourth to bat was Marco with a song about a cat- sadly no longer with us (the cat- not Marco)

Fifth up was Captain Phillips, who led by example with an amusing Irish song about a work-related accident and another about a man whose wife is cheating on him.  Bravo!

Act One concluded with Charley who performed a “Study in Mauve”, which was “unique” and “unexpected”, and had people in stitches.

Mike took us through to the interval with a further joke – Q. Is there a B&Q in Henley? A. No. There is an H, an E, an N, an L, an E and a Y.

Act Two

The second half of tonight’s performance opened with a rousing rendition of “the Lord of the Dance” – sung Philip, Greg and Ally.  They followed this up with “Blow the Man Down”.

The eighth act was Ali from the Galley with the galley girl stars, Kass, Roxie and Mandy, who prepared a “cake”, requiring three pairs of hands and the expected high quality, locally sourced ingredients we have come to expect from JST.

Ninth to perform were the bosun’s mates.  “A day in the life of a bosun’s mate, the Musical”.  It was excellent and ended far too soon with “Cable Ties” sung to the tune of “Edelweiss”, Stu deserves full credit for making his entry in a wheelie bin to “Flash ahhh”

We rounded off the evening with “The Drunken Sailor” with some imaginative verses of our very own.

We then had the auction with Roxie acting as a very good auctioneer.  Items up for grabs were:

  1. A barograph reading from Storm Katie as recorded by Lord Nelson.
  2. A loaf of sour dough bread handmade in the galley kitchen by Ali the Cookie.
  3. A framed photograph 12 by 8 (photograph taken by watchleader Mike of Nellie in the Antarctic).
  4. Ali’s culinary talents for one evening for a dinner party for up to 12 people or a cooking demonstration.
  5. The ceremony of keys, including a tour of the Tower of London and dinner. Donated by Mandy the Nursey who has mysterious contacts…
  6. A long weekend’s stay in Milford on Sea, and apartment we wild ail past as we return to Southampton with use of a beach hut, donated by Mandy.
  7. A long weekend or mid-week break on the Holy Loch in the beautiful home of Ali the Cookie.
  8. Lunch for four at Ally’s W Beach House (it’s a very posh café- not a hut on the beach) including a bottle of alcoholic fizz.
  9. And the star prize of the evening A week’s sailing holiday in September sailing the Ionian Greek islands for up to four people to be skippered by Peter in his own yacht and hosted by Roxie.

Total raised: £2,085

A fantastic evening’s entertainment and fund raising for the JST.

We have set off on the final leg of the journey now and expect to make the Needles for around 11- keep your eyes peeled; Nellie is on her way home!