Day one

Day one was joining, safety briefing and evacuation drill which were all done in record time as everyone in the crew has sailed before.  We cast off from berth 106 in light rain and the visibility steadily reduced as cloud lowered and night fell giving the bridge lookouts and captain Chris a headache staring into the murk looking for navigation marks and vessels in busy Southampton water.

We turned west rounding Calshot Spit and motored to our anchorage for the night at North Lepex near the Beauliew River.


Day Two

After breakfast we weighed anchor.  The chain was polished to bone metal which gives an indication of how much we were being moved around during the night as it rubbed on the sea bed.  We motored to rendezvous with Tenacious off Yarmouth at about



Day 2  Dear diary – “ What a day it’s been”

Lord Nelson won today’s race but it was not picnic – Tenacious put up a good fight.  However good tacticians supported by a good crew eventually won the day!

When we joined the ship yesterday friendships were renewed and new ones made.  This has developed into a wonderful atmosphere on board with a sense of camaraderie and competitive spirit throughout.

This morning as we approached the official race start everyone was called to springs waiting for the order to pull on ropes and set sails. Apparently, a record was broken when we managed to accomplish all sails raised and tweaked on the main and fore mast in less than seven minutes.


As the race progressed the wind increased from astern and Tenacious began to pull away from Lord Nelson. However, as more sails were set our maximum speed reached eleven knots bringing cheers throughout the ship as the announcement was made and diminishing the gap between the two ships.

The final assault saw a small difference in the time, but a win for Team Nellie and celebrations. Never the less we now await a race of the same course tomorrow and the final on Thursday.

Watch this space as results are published.


Aft Port Watch