28th December

What is a Christmas like on board Lord Nelson sailing in the Canaries?

The only way to really know is too sign up for the next Christmas sail with us of course. The voyage crew couldn’t put it into words and post a blog for Christmas – too busy enjoying the holidays here on board with some brilliant sailing.

We had beautiful days at sea with lots of sun, sails and not too much swell. We did two stops in port on the island of La Gomera, where we enjoyed a Christmas dinner and party on Christmas day.

Now we are leaving Las Palmas, sailing into the sunset, for our New Year’s Voyage heading towards Tenerife. So all that’s left to say is that from all the crew on board, we hope that everyone had a good Christmas like we did, and we wish you a Happy New Sailing Year!

29th December

Lord Nelson voyage LN937- forward port  

Megan, Robyn, Tash, Abi, Leo, Ruby, Jo, Roger and Scott

We began the voyage in Gran Canaria on 29th December 2017 and we are sailing through the New Year, to Tenerife and La Palma, ending the voyage on 5th January 2018.

We arrived at Port Santa Catalina and were greeted by the permanent crew onto STS Lord Nelson; where each of our watch leaders led us to our designated bunks. All of the voyage crew then met in the lower mess to have a talk about the ins and outs of the ship. After that we ate Chili con Carne for dinner, and then we were given shore leave (free time). During this time a group of us went to explore the beach which was about half an hour away. We then made our way back in time for the curfew- which was 11pm and we were sent to bed for some much needed rest.

30th December

We began the day by having a cooked breakfast served by the messmen on duty, and were then given the plan for the day (which was to climb the masts and have practical training). During the climbing we were given briefings on how to use the equipment and how to climb correctly with three points of contact. Once the permanent crew member was confident we knew what we were doing and for safety purposes we were sent up the mast one by one meeting the bosun’s mates at the first platform. Once everyone reached this platform we then climbed along the yardarms where we stayed lying for nearly a quarter of an hour taking in the views of Gran Canaria before we made our way back down. Next we were served lunch and moved onto our seamanship and watch keeping training. Once all the voyage crew had completed training we had a delicious soup lunch before the captain announced we would be departing for Tenerife that afternoon. We all moved to our stations for letting go of the lines holding us alongside – one of our watch members got the opportunity to go in the DOTI boat to let go of the lines onshore whilst the rest of us helped lift the gang way. Once the ship was loose the engines were turned on and we left the harbor. Next after Gran Canaria was behind us out in the distance we had dinner and went to sleep-the ship still on route to Tenerife.

31st December

On New Years Eve at 8 o’clock our watch was woken up to go to the bridge on look out and to steer the ship. With Tenerife in sight we were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins swimming alongside the ship and Pilot whales out in the distance with the orange sunset. With directions from Richard the captain, Megan steered the ship into the harbor in order for the ship to be moored alongside, all went smoothly. After lunch we were allowed to get a taxi to a beach in Tenerife where we went swimming and others sunbathing. After getting the taxi back we had a BBQ and punch for dinner and headed down to the bar for a quiz set by the younger members of the crew, many of which are doing the young leadership at sea qualification. Everyone had a great evening. Lastly the entire crew waited for the fireworks on the bridge to signal the start of the New Year and the end of the old. As a tradition on Nellie the old year was rang out by the oldest and the New year was rang in by the youngest. We then had a glass of champagne and sang songs till the early hours of the morning until we headed off to bed.

1st January

Having been given a bit of a lay in before breakfast everybody was well rested and ready to have a proper sail after the following celebrations. Before breakfast/brunch everybody was lined up helping lift the gang way and the ship was steered out of the harbor. Using the motor we headed around Tenerife and were given our food for the afternoon. Once full, the sails needed to be used in order to make the most out of the wind. Everyone was in their station and ready to pull on the different ropes. Once all sails were in the correct position the crew had a rest with us on watch at the bridge, on our way to Le Palm with the hope of reaching the destination at 9 in the morning.