18th September

The Dolphin Watch

We started our evening watch yesterday at 20.00. The visibility was low but reasonable and the air was cold and wet. Marion said the Scots word is driech! (NB as we were off the Cornish coast the correct word is mizzle).

The sky cleared up and we had an amazing view of the stars…for about 10 minutes. We passed Lands End and the visibility worsened from there, making it difficult to see the sea briefly!

Our watch today has been much more eventful with an amazing dolphin display lasting well over 15minutes with around 20 dolphins on show including mother and calf! Hoping the rest of our watch will be equally as exciting

Forward Starboard Watch

Marion watch Leader, Rylan, Phil, Tim, Hannah, Emily and Sam

Day 2

One watch team, two happy birthdays and three tattoos.

So how much can one watch team cram into 48 hours with JST, well it turns out a whole heap more than you expect. Starting as the ship arrived into Jersey on Friday morning, marking the end of the voyage from London. Some were staying on for the next voyage. On Friday afternoon some who were staying on set out to explore the sights of St. Helier, and found a tattoo parlour.

On Saturday the rest of the voyage crew joined the ship coinciding with lunch. We were then all literally shown the ropes by the brilliant crew, who perfectly timed our briefings between countless rounds of dragon boat racing that was taking place in the harbour, the final of which saw a very soggy crew capsize.

The first of our birthdays was celebrated on the Saturday by Joe who had the pleasure of making his 21st year with mess duty. Our first night on watch was perfectly timed with leaving jersey harbour, where the pilot joined before we departed and safely guided us out of the harbour. We then helmed the ship and had a chance to set the first sails.

After a night in our bunks once we finished at midnight, and full from having had a good breakfast, and a chorus of happy birthdays for Nigel, we pulled together to set the square sails and show the true beauty of the magnificent Lord Nelson.

The adventure so far has been amazing, under the watchful eye of our watchleader, our merry band are learning loads about each other, seamanship and the beauty of the waves.

Aft Port Watch Charlotte T, Charlotte P, Nigel, Alan