What an experience. There is no better feeling than sailing a tall ship and socialising with new friends.

We left Cardiff last Monday afternoon and spent night one anchored in calm and steady conditions off Barry Island. The next morning we weighed anchor and over the next day we made our way to the Isles of Scilly.

By the following morning we had anchored off St Mary’. This was an amazing little island.  Most went ashore and explored the island. A sleepy, charming, quaint,  island with many holiday makers. Some of the VC journeyed on bicycle seven miles around the island, whilst others explored the Garrison in town.

We ate and drank here, then arrived back on ship. The morale was high and everyone was having an amazing time, ready for our return trip to Southampton. We woke up the next morning and was greeted by swell and some heavy rolling. Many feared sea sickness would start to sink in! However, the whole team mucked in and worked together to get the sails up.

We are currently on a very flat stretch of sea and the crew is socialising and laughing together. As we said earlier… What an experience!!

Will Watson and Jim Baker 

This was my first actual sailing adventure and I think the best way to sum it up is, “what an amazing experience”. The whole idea of sailing has always appealed to me and through JST, I was given this opportunity.

As soon as we arrived on board, everybody was so friendly and keen to help. Immediately friendships had developed among the voyage crew. It took only a short while for laughing and joking to commence, everyone was having a great time. Whenever jobs needed doing, everyone is there to lend a helping hand and when it came to sea sickness, the team where there to help and support those who needed it.

Our voyage has taken us from Cardiff around Lands End to Southampton via the Scilly Islands, which was just an amazing day out. So much to see and everything on board was an opportunity to learn and develop skills. I can’t say there has been a dull moment on this trip! As we head to the final leg of our journey, I have to say we could not have wished for a better group to work with and for anyone who likes the idea of doing a trip with JST , “GO FOR IT”

The Adventure

Monday 11th, 1700, and the voyage commences. Letting go the lines, and sailing out to Barry Island to watch the sun set perfectly, foreshadowing a memorable trip ahead.

Sailing out the Bristol Channel led to an inevitable detour past Lundy Island, with the entire crew staring with eyes peeled for the slightest of hint of a seal. Several large rocks later and no such luck, but we headed onwards. Then with a mighty shout from the main mast and a splash off the starboard beam, a trio of dolphins were spotted. With the wind and weather picking up, a much larger pod dived through the waves, and played in the wash, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Early the next morning, woken by the anchor chain rumbling out, we turned out to the Isles of Scilly. The majority of the crew left to explore St Mary’s, wandering the hills, swimming the seas, and eating several cafes out of cake and strudel. Another night at anchor was enjoyed by all, allowing some much needed sleep to be caught up on.

Upping anchor at 0700, Nellie departed the picturesque Isles to head down past Wolf Rock, the Lizard, and onwards down towards her next destination of Southampton. Wind and waves swelled, allowing Nellie to dance and surf her way, before the weather calmed over the afternoon.

It may be the end of day 4, but it is by no means the end of the voyage!

Arthur Slack


I was a bit apprehensive joining a real sailing ship, and not knowing anything about hoisting the main engines. I tried to read up on sailing prior to joining, but never had the time. OK, I will have to wing it again!

What was all the panic for? From the moment I joined, the ship’s crew could not have been more helpful and professional, with an amazing ability to make everything fun and exciting.

To my fellow shipmates, they certainly are and will hopefully continue to be friends. I’ve never had the pleasure before to be part of a bunch of different individuals from such varied backgrounds who bonded so well together, to create that amazing can and will do environment for everyone.

Big thanks to all in the JST family for an amazing trip

Strong Winds and Calm Seas.

Stevie Allan