Breaking News – 24th January 2014

We’re very excited to announce that Lord Nelson has won the MCA/ASTO Sail Training Vessel of the Year award!

This is to reward an operator for fulfilling both the Sail Training aspirations of ASTO and the seamanship and safety requirements of the MCA.

James Stevens Chairman of the Association of Sail Training Organisations said: “Sail Training is about challenge and adventure. It doesn’t get more challenging and adventurous than a sailing around the world on board a tall ship. Lord Nelson’s outstanding and ambitious voyage fulfils all the aims of sail training and makes her a worthy winner of the ASTO/MCA Vessel of the year award.”

We’re all extremely chuffed to have received this award!

Photo below is of some of the office and permanent crew receiving the award. © UK Sail Training (ASTO)

ASTA-MCA award