Luke is the JST’s Technical Manager and is overseeing Tenacious’ Special Survey and Refit period. He’s blogged about how things are going as we countdown to the end of the special survey and refit period at the end of this month. 

Since Tenacious’ arrival into Sharpness, we’re moving forward with a vast number of jobs and continuing to juggle the pieces of the puzzle.

We stayed afloat for the first week, and during that time removed our six furling yards for an overhaul and important modifications. We also got underway with the removal of the main engines and generators/gearboxes through our soft patch, and our life rafts and safety gear was sent ashore for service.

Once this was completed we moved onto the next stage; dry docking the ship.

There’s so many important parts to this process. We have to make sure the ship is positioned correctly above the blocks which she sits on, ensuring the trim is correct so she doesn’t lean to one side or another. Then there’s the actual draining out the water from the dock and adding shores to support her stability while she is dry.

That gave us the chance to see what she looked like down below. It was in Whangarei, New Zealand where she was last out of the water and the good news was she was found to be in fairly good condition, evident from our initial meeting with Lloyd’s, the yard and the special survey team.

Since then it’s been a busy three weeks.

We’ve been tackling some of the bigger jobs such as stripping down the engine room for an overhaul of the sewage system, engine beds and plates, and overhauling of the ship’s side valves. Works on the bowsprit and the foremast to replace the existing gear is underway, as well as checking over the health of the rig. We’ve carried our repairs to the floor in the galley and run cables for the ship’s new alarm system. And we also received the new generators and main engines in the yards ready to put into the heart of the ship.

Our attention is now on putting the ship back together and getting the jobs completed for the season ahead, all the while completing our surveys with our hard working team on board.

We’ve received so many lovely comments of support in the past few weeks, particularly on social media where we’ve been sharing news of our progress. And the donations continue to come in, which is fantastic – we’re so grateful for all the support.

There’s still a way to go and we need to continue raising funds for vital items on board.

Items such as fire safety equipment at a cost of £30,000. Fire safety is naturally of paramount importance and we need to install a ‘high fog’ water mist system throughout the ship, which gives everyone the maximum response time if the worst were to happen.

Could you possibly help us with essential equipment for the galley? To keep food fresh on long voyages, our fridge-plants and fridges must be repaired and improved. Food safety is essential and mealtimes are the pillars of a day at sea, providing opportunities for camaraderie and storytelling. The cost is £8,000 and we’d be grateful for any support you can give.

If you haven’t yet donated to support Tenacious at Twenty, we’d love to receive your support now, as we get her ready to return to the sea.

And stay posted for our next blog for an update on where we are at with our new engines, progress of the ship and docking, and some of the jobs we have been carrying out.


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