“We are underway and in full swing. There were several big tasks to get her up to this stage, including (most importantly) setting up the kettle for a cup of tea. And our Permanent Crew family rejoined the ship and made Tenacious feel like home again”.

Luke is the JST’s Technical Manager and is overseeing Tenacious’ Special Survey and Refit period. He’s blogged about how things are going as we arrive in Sharpness, officially kick off the work and welcome back our Permanent Crew.


A famous kiwi sailor Sir Peter Blake once said “The hardest part of any big project is to begin. We have begun. We are underway. We have a passion. We want to make a difference. ”

We are indeed underway, and in full swing. Over the past two weeks we have seen our advance party turn up to Tenacious in Barry, to get her whirring and purring. The crew worked long hard days to bring her back into service, which we had plenty of success in. The rest of our Permanent Crew family rejoined the ship after many months away and made Tenacious feel like home again.

There were several big tasks to get her up to this stage, including; making all accommodation liveable; clean water tanks so we have water to drink; kick the galley back into operation after a good clean; get the ships generators operating their own power; retrieve the anchors from the sea bed; stow the mooring wires; and of course (most importantly) set up the kettle for a cup of tea.

We did have Lloyd’s aboard to check the Ship was brought back up into service correctly and was seaworthy, which she was. Several contractors attended (socially distancing) to check on safety items. Calculations were confirmed and preparations made for the transit up the River Severn and under the bridges on route to Sharpness.

There was only one more thing to do, and that was to take her to sea.

On Tuesday morning, Tenacious departed the safe harbour of Barry in Wales, nearly five months after being tied up. She then went to anchor to wait for the tidal window for the transit. Crew continued with drills and familiarisations, plus Sharpness maintenance preparation.

And this morning, after the early morning wake up, Tenacious and her delivery crew made her passage up the River Severn, under the bridges to many watchful eyes and into Sharpness Shipyard to carry out the next stage of her Refit and Special survey.

The next step in the puzzle is to send down the six furling yards for refurbishment and get underway with removal of the old engines and generators.

Watch this space as the work continues.

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