Luke is the JST’s Technical Manager and is overseeing Tenacious’ Special Survey and Refit period. He’s blogged about the progress we’re making as Tenacious gets back in the water and we prepare her to sail. 


We are afloat! 

After flooding up the dock in stages over the past few days, on remembrance Sunday, shortly after lunch, the keel raised from the dock blocks after supporting the weight of the ship for the last 54 days. 

Our ship is afloat again! Another milestone achieved, but not without its testing moments.

As a second lockdown gets underway we continue to push to get Tenacious ready to go back to sea. We have had a few hurdles to overcome but huge credit to the dedicated team we have here working in Sharpness.

Our new engines are in, and awaiting their start up and running checks for the first time in the ship. The Hi-Fog system has had overhaul works completed on it. Our LSA gear and boats are back and stowed on board. Our sewage system has had the overhaul it needed after 20 years. Our new anchor cable has been joined up and anchors retrieved from the dock bottom. 

The ship has been painted above and below the waterline and is looking very smart. The guys on deck have been progressing with rigging wires and line replacements, working with contractors to overhaul our boat davits, reinstate our link plates holding the rigging wires and completing welding repairs, plus much more. 

While down below in the engine space, pipework is being fabricated, the propeller shafts have been pulled back into the ship, exhaust systems have been modified, and the soft patch in the deck has been sealed up.

We are now looking to the final stage of works and surveys before we depart Sharpness.

Over the next week, we’ll be seeing the final pieces of the puzzle come together. We will be commissioning our new Ecdis system, carrying out engine trials for both our propulsion and power generation needs, completing pipework runs and bringing up the different ship’s systems online. 

We will then complete our statutory surveys and audits for the ship’s certification before we say our farewells to Sharpness and make our way back down the River Severn, and prepare for what we do best….


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