On longer voyages, the Permanent Crew organise an egg drop competition where teams compete to get an unbroken egg from the fore tops as far aft as possible. This results in a variety of egg carrying vehicles being constructed, fancy dress being worn and lots of fun and laughs.

On TNS625, from Bermuda to Portland, a team of volunteer crew, (the 4 Bosun’s Mates and the Cook’s Assistant) beat the watches and the winning team decided that this fun event needed a trophy.

BM David Issitt collected together some teak offcuts from deck and ratbar repairs he had carried out onboard and made a large eggcup to use as the trophy. The offcuts were bound together with coloured epoxy resin and then shaped on his wood turning lathe. David handed over the trophy to Captain Darren on the recent Cardiff to Liverpool voyage.

Huge thanks to David for going to such effort, we can’t wait to present it to the next winning team!

Bosun's Mate David is standing on the ship's bridge with Captain Darren. Both are shaking hands whilst also holding a small wodden trophy, which was made by David to be used for the ship's Egg Drop competitions.