Patrick Fleming, Chief Executive

My role is to lead and manage all onshore and offshore activities of the charity on behalf of the trustees.

The best thing about working for the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is the sheer joy I get from working with a wonderful and dedicated crew, onshore staff, trustees, volunteers and donors to deliver our unique inclusive mission.

When I’m not at work I’m enjoying the outdoor delights of coast and country with family and friends, discovering great wines and cooking and eating great food. When time allows you’ll find me curled up with a good book or planning a getaway to a favourite or new destination, visiting museums, galleries and libraries!


Jennifer Piper, Director

I wear a number of hats in my role at the JST.  I collaborate across the whole organisation to develop our strategy and improve the way we work; additionally I work with the fundraising team and our major donors & partners.

The best thing about working for the JST is the people – those that sail on Tenacious and the stories they have to tell, the amazing ship team who are instrumental in those experiences and the vital shore staff who pull everything together in the background.

When I’m not at work I’m outside somewhere – walking in the hills, cycling in the countryside or doing something connected with the water, always with friends and family.


Jon Greenspan, Operations Director

My role is multi-faceted. I’m in charge of the direction and operations of maintaining, operating and certifying the ship – that includes making sure it’s manned properly with voyage and permanent crew for when we sail. 

The best thing about working for the JST is doing what I’m trained to do for a good cause, rather than shareholder’s pockets!

When I’m not working you’ll find me with my wife and visiting friends and family.


Kate Lloyd, Head of Fundraising

My role is to help find support for the charity and our beneficiaries as well as making sure we take good care of those that support us, building relationships and sharing stories of how they’ve helped.

The best thing about the JST is working with great people who are brimming with passion about what we do.

When I’m not working, I’m with my young family. Trips in our old VW campervan, sailing at Emsworth or in the Solent, or canoeing when we can. Galleries and contemporary art exhibitions are another great love of mine (the rest of my family are less keen).


Dawn Ingram, Head of Corporate & Community Giving

I build corporate partnerships with companies that are passionate about changing lives through adventure and exploration.I’m passionate about enabling our corporate supporters to form a bespoke relationship with the charity that goes beyond fundraising and creates value for all.  As part of my role I support our wonderful branches and volunteers who work tirelessly all year round to raise funds and awareness of our work. This is a fantastic opportunity which I look forward to.

Adventure  is in my blood, I’m extremely honoured to work for a charity which aims to make this inclusive for all!

When not working, I will most likely be taking my dog Betty out for a walk along the coastline in Emsworth. I enjoy entertaining and cooking for friends and family. I’m a keen Sailor and Runner, hoping to complete my second marathon in 2021!


Vicky Greer, Head of Finance and Governance

I manage all accounting and finance activities and ensure ongoing financial viability.

The best thing about working for the JST is working with a great team, and hearing the stories told by those who have experienced the charity’s work!

When I’m not at work I’m spending time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors and travelling!


Luke Galuszewski, Technical Manager, Deputy DPA & CSO

I work in the operations side of the JST, looking after everything from where the ship is going to berth to what maintenance we are going to tackle, how we get the stores to the ship to oversee the security of the ship (with the Crew on board) and much more, keep things ticking over.

The best thing about working at the charity is making that difference we all want to see in the world, and seeing people achieve what they think is unachievable. Working with a great team both onshore and at sea.

When I’m not working I’m sailing…yes I know. Sailing’s great fun, as is traveling. Combining the two is even better. Having a nice drink with friends in the sunshine is always a must. If stuck inside, doing some studying or mentoring, or catching up with my nephew in New Zealand.


Tanya Knowlton, Senior Customer Services Manager

I process all the booking and oversee voyage feedback. I get everyone prepared for the ship and the ship prepared for everyone!

The best thing about working at the JST is the voyage crew. I love speaking with them at the very start of their bookings and taking people through what we do and then reading their blogs whilst they’re onboard to see how they are enjoying the trips. Then reading the feedback afterwards and volunteer recommendations from the permanent Crew. It completes the picture.

When I’m not at work I’m looking after my cat, a Bengal called Godfrey – he is a monster! It has been said that I like to shop. Current bag is a small Zebra print one. The word tasteful hasn’t yet been used.


Amie O’Riordan, Customer Service Officer

I process the voyage crew bookings and ensure that we have all the information we need before the voyage for the ship. The best thing about working for the JST is that no two days are the same. Our voyage crew come from all walks of life and I love talking to them and our volunteers, as well as helping first time sailors prepare for their voyage.

When I’m not at work, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I have 3 daughters which keeps me busy!


Sara Fleming, Trusts and Foundations Officer

I write applications to Trusts and Foundations to support us with grants toward maintaining Tenacious, bursary funds, special projects and the subsidy we apply to all our public voyages.

The best thing about working for the charity is experiencing what we do in person. Sail training had a huge impact on my life so I love jumping onboard as much as possible, and hearing about all our voyage crews’ stories when they return.

When I’m not at work I’m likely to be heading off in my van to either go climbing or do something water-related, be that in, on or under the water!


Jim Phillips, Relief Officer of the Watch, Electrical Technical Officer (ETO) and IT Support

I starting in 2012 as an Officer of the Watch. My previous career kicked in and I find myself sailing less and looking after radars, communications, electronics and information systems. I’ll therefore be found either on the bridge, or tangled in a snake of cabling and general electronics wizardry! While ashore I also support the JST’s IT systems which have become more widespread and home based as we’ve navigated our way through the COVID era.

The best thing about working at the JST is seeing people realise their potential, challenge their perceived limitations, arrive with doubts and leave with a grin from ear to ear.  The teamwork between the professional seafarers, our volunteers and our voyage crew. 

I try my best to enjoy the climate and island of Gran Canaria where I’ve lived for over 11 years now.  Beach, sun and sea. There’s always a project at home, some DIY or other distraction to keep me out of mischief!


Suzie Brushett, PA and Researcher to the Chair and CEO

My role is to provide support to the CEO, Chairman and Directors at JST to help the smooth running of the Charity.

A job where two days are never the same and I get the opportunity to be involved in a variety of different and interesting projects.

The best thing about working at the JST is working with a great team and being part of an organisation that really makes a difference to people’s lives through sailing and adventure on the water!

When I’m not at work I love spending time with my children, family and friends both on and off the water! I have grown up sailing and can be found on the river Hamble or the Camel Estuary in Cornwall.

I am also a keen runner and enjoy sport of any kind; especially when there is a chilled glass of wine at the end!



Aurelija Meskaite, Trusts and Foundations Officer

I raise funds for the Jubilee Sailing Trust in general as well as work on project-specific income for Tenacious and our bursary funds. It includes identifying and applying to charitable trusts, foundations and other grant makers and supporting the wider fundraising team.

The best thing about working at JST is knowing that our work supports and empowers so many people.

When I’m not at work I am walking/hiking in nature (which sometimes is a local park), dancing, travelling (when it’s allowed!), reading, cooking (& eating) healthy foods and spending time with my loved ones.


Emily Elvin, Fundraising Officer

I will be supporting across a number of different fundraising income streams and will be looking to grow the events portfolio, which in turn will help to grow the overall fundraising opportunities.

The best thing about working for JST is the people I get to work with and knowing all the work I do will help support others to be able to go on great adventures, achieving what previously they thought was not possible.

When I am not working, I will be outdoors, taking our puppy, Maisy, out for walks, or running. I enjoy going on adventures and exploring new places with friends and family.


Joanne Eley, Data and Insight Manager

My role is to manage the reporting, forecasting and analysis behind the scenes and make sure all our CRM data processing runs smoothly.

As someone who lives with a disability, the best thing about working for the JST is being able to contribute to such a great cause and I feel empowered by the passion and dedication of my fellow colleagues.

When I’m not at work I love gaming and run an international online table top gaming community server – usually while being mobbed by my four pet cats!


Jenni Bishop, Accounts Officer

I support the Head of Finance and Governance, providing information for decision making purposes. I carry out day-to-day accounting tasks to ensure up to date, smooth and timely provision of information to the organisation.

The best thing about working for the JST is the people I work with, whether it be the team in the office, the Crew on the ship or the suppliers we deal with regularly. We all have a great rapport and support each other as much as we can.


Andy Spark, Project Manager

Coming soon…