The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is delighted to announce Miky Kambara as its new President for Japan. Miky will join the JST’s International Advisory Council, supporting the strategic development of our work around the world and particularly in Japan. Miky is the JST’s third Presidential appointment this year, which underscores its work and commitment to bring its uniquely powerful voyage experiences to as many people as possible across the world.  The JST is in the process of planning events in both London and Tokyo to mark the appointment and further details of these will be shared in due course.

Building on Miky’s appointment and significant philanthropic support, the JST hopes to establish plans for its inaugural programme in Japan, a country the Trust has never previously visited. With Miky’s support, the JST hopes to generate adequate interest in its work to warrant and fund a programme in Japan as part of our next world tour, possibly in 2021 or 2022.

A well known Japanese entrepreneur and philanthropist, Miky is well placed to support the JST’s ambitions in Japan because of her strong relationships with the business community and a wide range of Japanese charity partners, which we look forward to establishing relationships with in the years to come.

“I am thrilled to be appointed as President of The Jubilee Sailing Trust in Japan. I very much hope that, with my involvement, we will be able to raise awareness of the organisation’s important work amongst the Japanese populations in Japan and internationally. The JST’s important work aligns very well with my own philanthropic commitment to help people facing challenges in society, especially those with disabilities or facing economic hardship. I look forward to helping the JST form partnerships with other organisations within my network and to their first programme in Japan at some point soon!” Miky Kambara, President Jubilee Sailing Trust, Japan.

“We are delighted that Miky has joined the JST as the latest member of our International Advisory Council and really excited she has joined our team. Miky has an outstanding philanthropic track record supporting communities that would benefit so much from our work, in the United Kingdom, Japan. Miky’s involvement with the JST opens-up the Japanese market to the JST for the first time, which is exciting as we seek to take our work to as many people as possible around the world. Miky also has an outstanding charitable network and we look forward to meeting a number of exciting new partners through her kind facilitation.” Duncan Souster, CEO Jubilee Sailing Trust