Thank you to the Voyage Crew onboard the recent voyage from Edinburgh to London, who sent us this snippet:

Day 5

After conquering the masts with almost everyone climbing up and down as quick as monkeys we smoothly left Blyth. We also picked up our second captain, and we waved to all the people watching our ship leave. We all admired the pilot as he calmly stepped away from Tenacious and onto the pilot’s boat. Moving out of Blyth we quickly approached bigger waves and this was at first a great spectacle – observing as the boat heaved through the water……foam and spray covering our faces, which was great fun. However, not all the crew were enjoying the rough weather, with some struggling to sleep in their bunks. 

Day 6

The uncomfortable weather took its toll on many of the crew and there were a few absences at breakfast. Shortly after, it was time for ‘happy hour’ which was led by James (16 years of age) on his way in completing the ‘Leadership at Sea’ certificate. He felt good from doing this and it was good practise for his developing leadership skills. After lunch the sea had calmed down and we were on watch again, carrying on our way to London. Bye for now 😊